TV Episodes

A list of great individual TV episodes, as chosen and reviewed by the Failed Critics and guest contributors.

Archer – Skorpio (S1 Ep6)

Arrested DevelopmentGood Grief (S2 Ep4)

Black Mirror – Fifteen Million Merits (S1 Ep2)

Blackadder – Dish and Dishonesty (S3 Ep1)

Buffy the Vampire SlayerInnocence (S2 Ep14)

Cracker – To Be a Somebody Part One (S2 Ep1)

ER – Twenty-One Guns (s12 ep 22)

Father Ted – Song for Europe (S2 Ep 5)

Game of Thrones – Blackwater (S2 Ep9)

The Good Wife – Hitting the Fan (S5 Ep5)

Gravity Falls – Into the Bunker (S2 Ep2)

Hannibal – Apéritif (S1 Ep1)

The Office (UK) – Training (S1 Ep4)

The Office (US) – Niagara Part Two (S6 Ep5)

Parks & Recreation – Win, Lose, or Draw (S4 Ep22)

The Simpsons – Homer the Heretic (S4 Ep3)You Only Move Twice (S8 Ep2)

The Sopranos – Pilot (S1 Ep1)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Visitor (S4 Ep3)

Studio 60 on the Sunset StripThe Cold Open (S1 Ep2)

The X-Files – Pusher (S3 Ep17)

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