Failed Critics Reborn

The heartiest of welcomes, friends, to Failed Critics circa 2022.

My name is A. J. Black and I’m delighted to be the latest steward of both the Failed Critics website and associated podcast. As you can read on our ‘Who We Are’ page, Failed Critics was founded in 2012 and produced a huge amount of content between then and 2017 including hundreds of articles and podcasts, before the previous editors decided it was time to call it a day.

As someone who has edited and created a website before–indeed with Owen Hughes, the last editor of Failed Critics–in Set The Tape (happily still going strong), the temptation to have a run at reviving the slightly shambolic brand that is FC was too great to resist.

Fact is, despite the marketing, Failed Critics was never truly shambolic. It brought together a range of tremendous writers and podcasters who shared their love of film and made friendships along the way, myself included. All of that writing still exists in the FC archives and much of it will be trickled out again amidst the new content to come.

And what is to come, I hear you ask?

Well, first and foremost, the podcast will soon return with trusty old Steve Norman back in the hosting chair, an unadulterated format, many of the old favourite guests, and a new home in my podcast network We Made This. All episodes will be also available in links here but we’re all very excited to bring what was for a time a very successful film podcast back online and with a whole new set of contributors likely joining in too.

The website will also steadily trickle out new content, led chiefly by myself. The remit has now been tweaked slightly to cover more than just cinema. FC will also look at television and other media, be it books, comics, perhaps music, even maybe podcasts. We will start with film & TV predominantly and then see how it goes. The hope will be to bring in other writers who might enjoy contributing some hobbyist writing for FC over time.

However you have found Failed Critics, a huge welcome. Take a load off and crack open a tin. For we have such sights to show you…

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